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Gas Service
Washington Gas Company
(703) 750-1000

Washington Gas Web Site

TIP: If you are selling your home, DO NOT have the gas shut off! Tell the operator you wish to transfer the service to the purchaser. Doing this will ensure that the gas is not completely shut off and risk damage to your home in the winter.
Electric Service
Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO)
(202) 833-7500

Pepco Web Site Consumer Section

Water Washington
Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)
(301) 206-4001

WSSC Web Site

TIP: When you call, have the name, address, telephone number of the Title Company where you will be going to settlement handy.


Verizon (Bell Atlantic & G.T.E.)
(301) 954-6260

Verizon Web Site Home Connection

TIP: About 2-4 weeks before you are ready to move into your new home; call Verizon to schedule disconnecting your current service and they will get you all set for establishing new phone service at your new address.


Cable T.V.
(301) 424-4400

Comcast Web Site

DC Water Authority
(202) 354-3600

DC Water Web Site

Cell: (301) 257-3200
Office: (301) 654-3200
4833 Bethesda Avenue, #200
Bethesda, MD 20814
OFFICE: 301.654-3200 FAX: 301.656.6182