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An important task that anyone planning to buy a home should accomplish early in the process is to contact a quality lender to determine one’s buying capability. The loan officer will ask for detailed information about income, assets, desired monthly payment and permission to check credit. With that information, a potential buyer can learn the purchase price range that meets their qualification and comfort level, allowing them to begin an effective home search.

At Stuart & Maury, we understand the importance of having our buyers deal with lenders who are knowledgeable, conscientious and responsive. We also know that interest rates matter and the lenders listed here can be counted on to have competitive rates and offer exemplary service. BE ADVISED TO BE WARY OF ANY LOAN PRODUCT THAT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.  We have seen buyers at wits end because they chose to place their loan with an internet lender advertising the best rate only to find that the terms are not what they were promised. Or, there is a last minute problem that they cannot get resolved because no one at the mortgage company returns their emails or calls.

The underwriting process is rigorous these days and you will want to be dealing with a person who cares enough to do a thorough analysis of your qualifications that ensures a successful outcome. Beware of loan officers who make it sound easy. With the multitude of guidelines that must be met to gain approval, it is helpful to deal with lenders who have proven themselves by successfully guiding many Stuart & Maury buyers through today's lending maze.

Here are a few such lenders, worthy of your confidence:

Brian Baker

1st Mariner Mortgage


Chris Ryan

George Mason Mortgage


Steve Cohen

Talmer Bank            


(Note: The licensing of these loan officers was verified on 12/31/2014 and the web address where you may check their licensing is:


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